Teaching math through computers can be exciting and easy when you use one of the following tools:

• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Word

Tired of PowerPoint? The truth is that many of us have seen boring presentations that made us associate this program with long meetings and countless slides. I can almost hear some of you asking: “Can anything good come from PowerPoint?” But did you know that this software has a lot of powerful features often not utilized by most users? For instance, you can perform the following tasks in PowerPoint:

•Add audio narration
• Embed a video
• Save a presentation for the Web
• Annotate (add your own handwriting) during a slide show
• Add action buttons and hyperlinks between slides

The following video demonstrates how to annotate your PowerPoint during a slide show:


The following video demonstrates how to move objects in PowerPoint by creating motion paths:

Another very useful tool when teaching math is Microsoft Excel.

Click on the following video to learn how to how to create bar and circle graphs in Excel:

In the following video you can learn how to generate mathematical symbols and equations in Microsoft Word by using the equation editor:

Quia (Quintessential Instructional Archive) is an excellent resource for teachers and students, providing sixteen templates for creating different types of online games and quizzes. Teachers can use these templates to create their own activities, and share them with students and colleagues. Quia Web also offers assessment and analysis tools and classroom management features, like class pages, calendars, and gradebooks.

Click on the following picture to learn how to create online games for your students through QUIA website:

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