Solving Equations Games

When solving equations, games can be a pleasant way to improve your solving skills. The following equation games are a lot of fun.

Equation Game Online - Match each equation with its solution in this interesting memory game.

Equation Game with Kiwi

Matching Equations
In this game you will match equations that have the same solutions to uncover an interesting puzzle.

One Step Equations Solve equations and earn points in this cute basketball math game.

Algebra Planet Blaster
Have fun solving one-step equations.

One-Step Equations
In this battleship game you will try to sink all of the enemy's ships by solving one-step equations.

Systems of Equations Jeopardy
You can play this game alone or with a partner. In this game you will solve systems of equations.

Equations- Rags to Riches
Play this rags to riches game about one and two-step equations.

Two Step Equations - Practice your skills in this cute basketball math game.

System of Equations - Another basketball math game.

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