Math for ESOL Students

For the last seven years I have taught math to ESOL students from all over the world. This page is dedicated to my ESOL students. On this website you can find links to many math videos and lessons that are designed to teach you basic math skills, and to prepare you for the upcoming CRCT test. All lessons are correlated with the GPS standards. You can also find useful math formulas or have fun playing interactive math games.

If you would like to add your own original word problems, click on this link and follow the directions provided on the Daily Word Problems page in order to submit your contributions. Have fun!

To see a math video or lesson, simply click on the appropriate link.

Algebra Videos and Lessons

• Basic Operations with Decimals
• Basic Operations with Integers
• Changing Fractions and Decimals to Percents
• Solving Linear Equations
• Equation Word Problem
• Percent Word Problems
• The Order of Operations
• Solving Inequalities
• Inequality Word Problem
• Compound Inequalities
• Graphing Inequalities
• Square Roots and Perfect Squares
• Simplifying Square Roots
• How to Find the Square Root of a Number
• Proportions
• Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Geometry Videos and Lessons

• Pythagorean Theorem
• Pythagorean Theorem Word Problem
• Pyramids
• Tessellations
• Geometry Formulas

Probability Videos and Lessons

• Probability of Simple Events

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