Algebra Scientific Notation

In this video we will learn about algebra SCIENTIFIC NOTATION and STANDARD FORM.

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Adding Square Roots

Adding square roots (two video demonstrations).

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Algebra Videos

Watch free online algebra videos.

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Free Math Lesson Plan Ideas

On this page you can view a variety of free math lesson plan ideas that can spice-up your lessons.

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How to Solve Systems of Equations

How to solve systems of equations by using the graphing method, substitution method, and elimination method.

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Probability Problem Involving Two Dice

Probability problem involving independent events with two number cubes.

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Permutation and Combination Tutorial

Free permutation and combination videos.

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Math Probability - Independent Events

Math probability videos with independent events.

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Probability Problems with a Number Cube

Probability problems with a number cube.

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Least Common Multiple Calculator

Use this least common multiple calculator to find the GCF and LCM of any two or three numbers.

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Factor Calculator

Use this factor calculator to quickly find the greatest common factor of two or three numbers.

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Online Factoring Calculator

Free online factoring calculator

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Geometry Calculator

Free online geometry calculator that can find the area, circumference, and volume of different geometry figures.

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Prime Number Calculator

Use this prime number calculator to verify if a number is prime or not.

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Online Scientific Calculator

Online scientific calculator with five operations.

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Compound Interest Calculator

Free online compound interest calculator.

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Online Fraction Calculator

Free online fraction calculator for your personal use.

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Algebra Calculator, online calculators

Free online algebra calculator.

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Area of a Circle

Learn how to calculate the area of a circle by watching an interesting video.

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Polygon Names

Learn the important polygon names by watching an animated video explaining different types of polygons.

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Measuring Angles

Learn how to use a protractor when measuring angles.

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Money Math

Money Math is a page dedicated to practical applications of various math concepts.

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Algebra Lesson Plans

Free downloadable algebra lesson plans.

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Learn about different types of interest by watching free online math videos.

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Sales Tax

learn how to solve math problems involving sales tax and sales tax rate.

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