Decimal Math Games

Have fun playing decimal math games.

The website has a page dedicated to decimal games. You can play these games free online.

Decimal Speedway
You can play this race game against the computer or another player. You will have to multiply and add decimals and whole numbers.

Jeopardy Math - Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Math with Santa - Decimal Game

Beat the Clock

Try to beat the clock in this game by identifying the decimal for the shaded part of a square.

Changing decimals to percents

Rope Tug
You can play this game against the robot, or against another player. You will have to know how to compare and subtract decimals.

Changing Fractions to Decimals
Match each fraction with the corresponding decimal in this fst-paced game.

Decimals and Percents
Match each decimal with the equivalent percent. This is so much fun!

Rounding Decimals and Whole Numbers
In this interesting game you have to round decimals and whole numbers to the indicated place value.

Ordering Decimals
This game is a lot of fun! Save this cute dog by correctly arranging decimals in order from least to greatest.

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