Compound Interest Calculator

The following compound interest calculator calculates the balance and the interest after a certain number of years for any given principal or interest rate.

Principal Months
1 = .08
2 = .17
3 = .25
4 = .33
5 = .42
6 = .50
7 = .58
8 = .67
9 = .75
10 = .83
11 = .92

How to use this calculator

Use your keyboard to enter the principal, the interest rate, and the time in years.

If you want to find the compound interest after only a few months, convert the time into years by dividing the number of months by 12. The right side of the calculator gives you a quick conversion also.

Important Formula

The following formula can be used to find the compound interest manually.

B = p(1 +r)^t

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