Common Geometry Formulas

The following common geometry formulas are very useful when solving problems about two-dimensional figures. In the table below “b” stands for base, “h” means height, “L” stands for length, “w” represents the width, “r” is the radius of a circle, and “d” represents the diameter.

When solving problems about area, perimeter, or circumference, first you need to identify the important elements in your figure. Then, find the formula that applies to your problem, and simply replace the letters with the correct values. Make the necessary computations, and don’t forget to add the unit at the end.

You can also find the area of a figure by counting the number of square units inside it (if it shows in the picture). When finding the area of a triangle (or parallelogram), you can use the length of any side as the base. The height is always perpendicular to the base.

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