Algebra Videos

Are you looking for online algebra videos? Each of the following lessons has an online video on a particular algebra topic. Some videos are followed by online quizzes and interactive games designed to reinforce the concepts taught in each movie.

Click on the following links to see the videos:

Videos about Scientific Notation & Standard Form

Changing Numbers fom Standard Form to Scientific Notation
How to Convert from Scientific Notation to Standard Form.

Videos about Graphing in the Coordinate Plane

Introduction to the Coordinate Plane
Finding the Slope of a Line
Finding the Y Intercept of a Line.
The Slope-Intercept Form of an Equation

Video about Exponents

Rules of Exponents

Videos about Decimals, Fractions & Percents

Operations with Decimals
Word Problems about Decimals
Percent Word Problem

Videos about Integers

Operations with Integers
The Order of Operations

Videos about Equations & Inequalities

Solving Equations
Absolute Value Equations
Equations with More Than One Variable
Solving Systems of Equations (3 Methods)
System of Equations - Word Problem
Solving Inequalities
Graphing Inequalities
Compound Inequalities
Inequality Word Problem

Videos about Square Roots

Perfect Squares and Square Roots
Simplifying Square Roots
Finding the Side of a Square
Graphing Square Roots on a Number Line
Calculating Square Roots by Hand
Operations with Square Roots

Videos about Money

Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Sales Tax
Simple Interest and Compound Interest

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