About the Author of Math Videos Online

Doina Popovici

Ms. Popovici was born in Romania, where she attended Babes-Bolyai University on a merit scholarship. In 1997 Ms. Popovici received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and a year later she obtained a master of science degree in differential equations, graduating magna cum laude. Her first year teaching was as an assistant professor at Hunedoara Engineering University in Romania, where she taught calculus, differential equations, and analytical geometry. In 1999 Ms. Popovici came to Atlanta where she obtained a Georgia teaching certificate.

Subsequently, she began working as a math teacher in DeKalb County, Georgia. Determined to capture the attention of her students, and to make her lessons clear and attractive, she employed a large variety of teaching strategies, and a lot of educational media. When she started to implement technology in her daily work, her entire teaching style was revolutionized.

In August 2008, Ms. Popovici obtained an Ed.S degree in instructional design and technology from Valdosta State University, graduating with a perfect GPA.

Ms. Popovici is the author of numerous educational websites and online games. Check out some of her websites:


In 2006, 2007, and 2008 Ms. Popovici was nominated to be the Teacher of the Year at her school.

In 2007 she received the Star Rising Award for excellence in education.

When teaching her students, Ms. Popovici emphasizes the importance of good work ethics and personal responsibility. Outside of her classroom, she worked as a volleyball varsity coach and held Title III and K-8 after school math tutorials.

The website www.Math-Videos-Online.com was built by Ms. Popovici to help students worldwide understand and apply mathematical concepts in their daily lives.

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