8th Grade CRCT Math

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The 8th grade CRCT math test has five domains:

Numbers and Operations
Data Analysis and Probability
Mathematical Process Skills

Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year,the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for math will be implemented in all public schools in Georgia.

The following math videos and lessons are correlated with the 8th grade GPS standards. Click on the appropriate links to see each lesson:

Standard #M8A1 - Students will use algebra to represent, analyze, and solve problems.

Standard M8A2- Inequalities in One Variable

Standard M8A4e- Graphing the solution set of a linear inequality

Standard #M8A5 - Solving Systems of Equations

Standard M8D3- Probability

Standard M8G2 - The Pythagorean Theorem

Standard M8N1a - Find square roots of perfect squares.

Standard M8N1g - Simplify expressions containing square roots.

Standard M8N1g - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide expressions containing square roots.

Standard #M8N1i - Simplify expressions containing integer exponents.

Standard M8N1j- Express and use numbers in scientific notation.

If you want to see the complete 8th grade CRCT math content description, click on the following link: CRCT Content Description

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